Personnel Management Systems

Our solutions on personnel management system simplify the daily work of Human Resources departments – which are also invaluably instrumental to an effective employee management in all ramifications. Contemporary personnel management answers with comprehensive solutions to the increasingly intricate requirements in everyday work and personnel management. We have developed the personnel management system in a way that maximally enhances processes within any corporate organisations, government parastatals, schools (primary, secondary and tertiary) such as the management of applications or the assessment of employees. As a replacement for taking a variety of more complicated steps, our personnel management system helps complete tasks with just a few clicks and no longer need to capture and transfer indistinguishable data repeatedly. It facilitates the administration of leave requests, the change of master data, the planning and approval of training programmes and seminars. Newage Personnel Management System also has the following merits, though not limited to them:

Timely Scheduling

Our Solutions for personnel management set new standards in efficiency and planning of complex resources. Corporate organisations use working hours of employees in a more effective and sustainable way thereby enhancing the success of the entire company. Central to this is secure time recording and billing of staff, as well as reducing personnel costs through flexible and efficient operational planning. Companies using our personnel management system respond better and faster to new requirements while the different levels of satisfaction experienced by employees and managers alike.

Openness in Human Personnel Management

Our personnel management solutions simplify human resources processes through openness. The personnel system management increases the value of the company and creates independence from personal organizational skills. The more processes can be boosted by the solutions, the better.

Success Monitoring and Leadership

The uniqueness of IT-driven human resources management is the ability for the employer and employees to keep established goals at a glimpse and to examine achieved results. This suggests consistent company and department-wide creation and tracking of goals. Even though the valuation of work performance is certainly the responsibility of management, the solutions will support the choice of important metrics and team relationship, lower costs for administration are a key advantage in the preparation and measurement of objectives for individual employees and departments.

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