Health Management System

The 21st century business of medical practice requires a high level of competence and consistency that can be attained only by years of experience. In response to the complex nature of medical practice, we have developed IT solutions that could be used by hospitals and health ministries for the running of their day-to-day activities without having to go through the rigour of carrying files for manual documentation. All forms of documentation are done through an automated platform already incorporated in the health management system software.

Our health management system has the following features, though not limited to:
  • Keeping of patients’ records;
  • Easy access between doctors and patients;
  • Schedules of checkups between patients and doctors/consultants;
  • Drug prescription and administration;
  • Accounts receivable management;
  • Billing and management system; and
  • Comprehensive consulting services to hospital-based physician groups.
  • And the host of others as such may be required by our respective clients.

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