Cloud Computing

We provide enterprise-supporting cloud computing service through which establishments (whether private or public) can harness and optimise different information technology resources using computing environment residing behind a firewall that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services. 

Our cloud computing comes with many benefits that establishments (both private and public) can harness to maximally boost their operation for optimal performance. Among the benefits organisations stand to enjoy from our cloud computing are, though not limited to:

  • Capacity for flexible data security policies, where security decisions can be made considering series of factors including: the user’s role within the enterprise, the user’s current access location, the type of data or application being accessed by the user and the type of device being used;
  • Lower IT infrastructure charges;
  • Lower IT operational budgets and increased capacity to handle peaks in demand for IT resources, like web applications and services;
  • More efficient utilization of IT resources;
  • Superior speed and performance for IT resources.

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