AgroShop Nigeria is a company set up to economically and industrially simplify the complexities inherent in the operations of farmers and Agricultural Industries, Manufacturing/Production Industries, Retail Agricultural outlets, Malls, Hotels, Eateries, Agricultural Produce Exporters, Individuals and general consumers. The company has the best information and sources of agricultural links for supplies and purchases any company or individual could need on agricultural products/produce. It is also involved in the supply of farm machinery (both rent and purchase), consultancy services and farm management.
AgroShop Nigeria is supported by HarvestPlus Nigeria, IITA, which makes its products IITA-certified. With adequate researches ongoing with the best researchers proffering solutions to all agricultural challenges, we have well-trained and highly experienced staff here in Nigeria and abroad, working tirelessly and selflessly to ensure that we deliver on our promise of making stakeholders in the agricultural sector happy, thereby encouraging more participation in agriculture, combatting hunger, and ensuring general customer satisfaction.
We have professionally flexible delivery system makes the timely supplies frequently made by our company to be well appreciated by our existing customers which we believe our prospective customers too would maximally enjoy.